Super Wan Tu Tri

Membership: Unknown

Purpose: Unknown

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Base of Operations: The Phillippines

First Appearance: Super Wan Tu Tri (1995)

History: Super Wan Tu Tri is a trio of superheroes who are Balut vendors (balut being a Philippine delicacy, which consists of duck egg embryo). They were given their powers by a little alien prince, whom they rescued from a crashed spaceship, then raised and adopted. In return the prince gave them superhuman powers which they could activate by swallowing special coloured "balut eggs". They can only become Super Wan Tu Tri from 12 noon until 12 midnight.

Comments: The trio were played by Vic Sotto, Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon. The same three also played "Kabayo Kids" a few years later, which might be another group of superheroes, or the same ones in a sequel. Anyone out there with details about either of these, please let me know.

Thanks to both Dan Ramon P. Geromo, Reno Maquis and Ting Claravall for additional information about these characters.


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