Stallion Canuck

Real Name: Elijah Hoss

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: Crimefighter

Affiliations: formerly the Mascot for the Justice Corps; agent for C.O.A.S.T. Founding member of The Omega Knights.

Enemies: Albino Gates

Known Relatives: Joshua Hoss (Father, deceased), Rachael Hoss (Mother, deceased), Elijah Ravenwing (Maternal grandfather, deceased), Alexander Hudson (Emerald Guardian of The Justice Corps., legal guardian, deceased)

Aliases: The Millenium Man, The Green Phantom

Base of Operations: The Bivwack

First Appearance: Oemga Knight Mini Series (under the name The Green Phantom as Emerald Guardian's sidekick and The Justice Corps mascot, #3 February 1992.)

Powers/Abilities: Able to teleport anything he needs from his top secret base called The Bivwack. He can teleport equipment, but only the items listed in his data-banks that have been scanned and identified by him. One of the many tools in his arsenal include the Cybernetic horse leg attachment that can fire missiles, shoot lasers etc. He also has a jet-pack, scuba equipment, a space suit and any other gadgets a high-tech Superhero/Secret Agent might need.

Elijah Hoss is super-strong, his body constantly discharges energized biological-plasma which is collected by tiny nodules in his suit and is stored for future use. It is this super-charged plasma which powers the equipment Stallion teleports. The "Suped-up plasma charge" as he calls it is Stallion Canuck's main source of power. The Plasma Charge increases his body's natural senses and abilities to the nth degree; regenerates his body at a highly accelerated pace and makes him nearly impossible to kill. He can discharge the Plasma Charge in the form of highly destructive blasts but only through weapons that have been specifically created for that purpose. Stallion Canuck's favorite tool to use for a Plasma Charge Blast is his trusted sidearm which he wears on his right hip and affectionately refers to as "The Equalizer".

History: Elijah Hoss is "a righteous young man whose simple faith in Humanity motivates him to don a striking gold, red and blue uniform to solve the shocking mysteries of his own confusing past.

Jovial, teenage Mascot of the fabled Justice Corps; reluctant, brainwashed Secret Agent of the enigmatic security organization C.O.A.S.T; angry, rebellious adventurer. In his short, complicated lifetime, Elijah Hoss has been many things but it will be his courageous mantle of "Superhero" that will endear him in the hearts of a pessimistic public."

Comments: Created by Lou Douzepis. Stallion Canuck is published by Lou's King Led Comics. Thanks to Lou Douzepis for providing information and images of the character

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