Spy Smasher

Real Name: Alan Armstrong

Identity/Class: Human technology user




Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (Fawcett, February, 1940); All-Hero Comics 1; America's Greatest Comics 1-6, 8; Crime Smasher 1; Gift Comics 1-2; Holiday Comics 1; Mighty Midget Comics: Spy Smasher (11); Spy Smasher 1-11; Spy Smasher Dime Action Book; Wheaties Giveaway; X-Mas Comics 1-2

Powers/Abilities: An expert pilot. His Gyrosub combines "the functions of an airplane, auto gyro, speedboat, and submarine."

History: Alan Armstrong was a playboy and pilot. His fiancee Eve was the daughter of US Admiral Corby, and when the military man came to suspect spies infiltrating his forces, he asked Alan, an outsider he could trust, for help in rooting them out. Alan donned a costume and became Spy Smasher, using his wits, his fists and his amazing Gyrosub to capture the traitors. He continued to fight the good fight throughout the Second World War, and after it ended he changed his name to Crime Smasher and went after crooks instead.

Comments: Became the Crime Smasher as of Whiz #76. His enemies included America Smasher and the Mask. Like most Fawcett characters, he transferred to the DC universe in the 1980's.

He was created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck. Kane Richmond played him in the 12 part serials released by Republic films in 1942.


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