Secret Stamp

Real Name: Roddy Colt

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: School boy, newspaper delivery boy

Affiliations: Jerry Dash (reporter)

Enemies: "Three-Man Blitzkreig", Grandmaw, Titus Locke, Charles Chwatt, the Hermit, All-Out Americans Club, Mike Schultz, Smith the Missing Link, Stumpy Logan, Weasel Waxton, Spud Sickles (rival newspaperboy, rather than outright enemy)

Known Relatives: Tom Colt (brother), unidentified mother and father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Freetown, USA

First Appearance: Captain America Comics #13 (Timely, April 1942)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled fighter.

History: (Captain America Comics #13-27, USA Comics #7-9, g.a.) Roddy Colt and his younger brother Tom were delivering copies of the Freedom Star newspaper when a speeding car knocked Tom off his bike, breaking his leg. The occupants, a pair of gangsters, then stole defense stamps Tom was transporting. After Roddy's friend, reporter Jerry Dash, took Tom to the hospital, Roddy decided to fight crime as the Secret Stamp.

Comments: Created by Don Rico and George Klein.

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