The Gemini Man

Real Name: Sam Casey

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Diver, secret agent

Affiliations: Dr. Abbey Lawrence, Leonard Driscoll

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Minus One (codename - only mentioned in alternate title for pilot)

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: The Gemini Man (NBC pilot, 10th May 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Able to turn invisible for brief periods.

History: Sam Casey was injured by an underwater explosion while on a diving job, and exposed to unknown radiations in the process. When his unconscious form was recovered, it was discovered that he had been rendered invisible. He was handed over to Intersect, a government think tank which ran various special operations; they devised a way to allow him to regain visibility, using a life support system later miniaturised to the size of a digital watch. Worn on his wrist, it controlled his condition, but could be turned off temporarily to allow him to become invisible again - however Intersect told him that if he assumed this state for more than fifteen minutes in a twenty-four hour period, he would become permanently invisible. Using his new power, he became a special agent for the government.

Comments: Played by Ben Murphy. A revamp of an NBC show from the year before, The Invisible Man, The Gemini Man saw a new cast and a new reason why the lead was invisible, but was otherwise very similar in concept. Like its predecessor, the show ran for thirteen episodes - one pilot and twelve regular installments:

  1. The Gemini Man (Pilot - also called "Codename: Minus One")

  2. Smithereens

  3. Minotaur

  4. Sam Casey, Sam Casey

  5. Night Train to Dallas

  6. Run Sam, Run

  7. Escape Hatch

  8. Eight- Nine- Ten You're Dead

  9. Targets

  10. Suspect Your Local Police

  11. Buffalo Bill Rides Again

  12. Return of the Lion

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