Real Name: Al Simmons

Identity/Class: Undead revenant

Occupation: Crimefighter, former secret agent

Affiliations: Terry Fitzgerald

Enemies: Chapel, Malebolgia, Violator, Jason Wynn

Known Relatives: Wanda (widow)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Spawn #1

Powers/Abilities: Spawn has a number of innate powers, such as the ability to teleport, to temporarily transform (and heal ) his features, superhuman strength and endurance; however whenever he uses any of these he drains a limited powersource he was granted, and once that is used up he will be returned to Hell. His suit is a living parasite, and as well as granting him some protection can move and shift of its own accord - his cloak is alive, as are the chains that adorn the outfit, and both are capable of attacking opponents. Al also retains the skills he had in life, making him a dangerous fighter even without his powers.

History: Spawn is / was Al Simmons, former Marine Corp Officer, then the U.S. Government's best covert operative. Simmons became an extremely effective killing machine, but eventually he fell foul of Jason Wynn, his superior. Wynn had him killed during a false cover action by his friend Chapel (of Youngblood, at least it was prior to the Shattered Image storyline split the Image universe), who killed him by shooting him in the head with a laser, burning his face off. Because of his misdeeds in life he ended up in Hell.

But Simmons had left behind a wife he dearly loved, so he made a deal with the Malebolgia, master of the 8th circle of hell: he would return to earth in exchange of becoming a leader of the army of Spawns in their war against heaven. True to form for a devil, Malebolgia twisted the deal, returning him to Earth five years after he died, with the scarred face Chapel had inflicted on him. He discovered that his wife Wanda had remarried, to his best friend Terry Fitzgerald, who had comforted her after he was killed, and that they had had a daughter. Not wanting to hurt them, Al decided not to let them know who he was, instead taking up residence in an alley amongst the detritus of humanity.

Spawn in the live action movieAl renounced his deal with Malebolgia, feeling that the devil had broken their pact and having been made a better man after his stint in Hell. Malebolgia refuses to let him go so easily, the first Spawn he has created this century and a major part of his war against Heaven. Now Spawn uses the powers he has been given to try and protect the people he loves and to battle the minions of his master.

Comments: Created by Todd McFarlane. The character has been the subject of a live action movie, where he was played by Michael Jai White, and a successful cartoon series, where his voice was provided by Keith David.


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