Real Name: Scrameustache

Identity/Class: Genetically engineered extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Khena, Georges Caillau, Tobor, the Galaxians

Enemies: Kromoks, Stixes, the wizard Falzar

Known Relatives: His clone

Aliases: Skrahilpari  (Finnish name)

Base of Operations: Chambon-Les-Roses, France, Earth, but active across the galaxy

First Appearance: Spirou #1806 (November 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Possesses a vessel capable of interstellar travel. His helmet is capable of producing a petrification beam. He commands a robot, Tobor, with a similar capability.

History: Scrameustache was created by the scientist Najboul in the labs of the planet Aktarka, and trained as an astronaut. He encountered a youth, Khena, who proved resistant to Scrameustache's petrification beam. Intrigued, Scrameustache became a close family friend of the boy and his foster parent, archaeologist "Uncle" Georges Caillau, sharing many adventures with them, and eventually learning that Khena was himself from Aktarka, having been accidentally abandoned by his parents when they were visiting Earth.

Comments: Created by Gos (Roland Goossens), who has written and drawn all the Scrameustache's adventures, the later ones with the assistance of his son Walt (Walter Goosens). To date 37 books of Scrameustache's adventures have been published in France and Belgium.

Thanks to Gérard Courtial for informing me about this character and providing information about him. Thanks to Mark Treuthardt for corrections.

Vesa Lehtinen sent me the following comments about this character: "I remember Scrameustache (Skrahilpari in Finnish) as a bit different - sort of an uplifted animal who was trained by a human-looking aliens. He came to earth to contact a boy who was actually the son of a missing couple from his home planet (note that he told him much later). He had access to his own spaceship (flying saucer) and other high-tech but looking at problems with magic involved, he resorted to getting help from other dimensions. His helmet - a standard issue from his home planet, it appears - had a temporary petrification ray.

Mind you, there are only 3-4 adventures in Finnish. In one the boy - whose name escapes me - met his uncle and found out that the reason his parents were killed was a deliberately sabotage from a rival. The boy's relatives also had space-suits with the helmet with the petrification ray."


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