Real Name: Robert Morgan

Identity/Class: Human magical mutant

Occupation: Mind reader

Affiliations: Louise Wilson

Enemies: The Professor

Known Relatives: Unidentified ancestor

Aliases: Spectro the Mind Reader

Base of Operations: U.S.A.

First Appearance: Wonder Comics #1 (Nedor, 1944)

Powers/Abilities: Telepath, able to read other's minds. Superhuman will, able to resist hypnotism. Exceptionally limber, knows contortionist tricks. Good with his fists.

History: Robert Morgan was the descendent of a 17th century sorcerer burned at the stake after being accused of performing black magic. Possessing the ability to read the minds of anyone he can see, Bob performed a stage act as Spectro the Mind Reader. When a man murdered a woman during Spectro's act and then killed himself, another of Spectro's audience taunted the performer to solve the crime, only for Spectro to learn the heckler was an agent of the villainous "Professor" sent to monitor the killer, who had been hypnotised to carry out the murder then commit suicide by poison. Pursuing the Professor, Spectro prevented the criminal from stealing Professor Strogoff's short-wave hypnotiser.



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