The Shadow

Real Name: Jimmy Gray

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Dilettante

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Fifi Daniels (leader of a all-female crew of submariners/thieves), Lol Soho (jewel thief and smuggler), Mira (Arabian dancing girl), Senora Montez (former Nazi turned commie spy)

Known Relatives: Unnamed father (safe manufacturer, deceased)

Aliases: The World's Greatest Crime-Buster, Limpy Olsen

Base of Operations: Mobile across the globe

First Appearance: The Shadow #1 (Frew Publications)

Powers/Abilities: Good fighter.

History: Left a fortune by his father, Jimmy Grey decided to use his ample free time fighting crime. Using a skin-tight rubber mask which hid his features, he ventured out as the Shadow, taking on criminals all across the world.

Comments: Created by Peter Chapman.

Thanks to Copper for additional info.

There appear to have been two distinct Australian characters called the Shadow. This is the other one: Shadow.

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