Real Name: Surge


Occupation: Agent of Matrix Corporation

Affiliations: DNAgents

Enemies: Luger

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: DNAgents #1

Powers/Abilities: Surge is a living electrical generator. He can charge up in seconds, and is strong enough to blast planes from the sky if he so desires.

History: Surge is an artificially created human designed by to be used as a special operative for the Matrix corporation, who paid to create him. Like rest of his team, the DNAgents, he soon started to develop other plans for himself. His defining characteristic is his anger - Surge is extremely volatile, and sure of his own kind's natural supremacy. One of his first assignments was to look after Angela Krell, the daughter of executive Lucius Krell. He fell in love with her. When she died at the hands of the assassin Luger, Surge hunted him down, intending to murder him in return, only to see the police capture him first. Months later Luger escaped from prison, and Surge went awol in order to finish what he had tried to do before. When he finally found Luger's hideout, he blew it up with the man inside. Arrested, he was swiftly sentenced to a state execution, only to be freed when it was revealed that Luger had committed suicide before Surge had destroyed the building. Surge had only one regret from this whole debacle - that it hadn't been him who had finished Luger off.

Of all the DNAgents, Surge was the first to start making outside contacts - well, okay, the first to discover sex. With the exception of the aforementioned Angela Krell, there doesn't seem to be a case of Surge actually making emotional contact with a woman. When he discovered that Tank had ignored an urgent summons to help the DNAgents in battle in order to lose his virginity, Surge's attitude was the very-laddish "Way to go Tank". Then it was revealed that the lady in question had been Surge's ex, whom he had dumped, and Surge went into a berserk rage, sending Tank flying with lightning blasts. Emotional maturity is not Surge's strong point. Fuller profile to follow.

Comments: Created by Mark Evanier and Will Meugnoit.


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