Sailor Luna

Real Name: Luna

Identity/Class: Human Magic User

Occupation: Unknown...Toy Cat?

Affiliations: The Sailor Guardians, Artemis

Enemies: The Dark Kingdom, Dogs

Known Relatives: None (although in her manga and anime incarnations she is married to her fellow feline mentor Artemis and has a kitten with him called Diana in the future)

Aliases: Tsukino Luna

Base of Operations: Tokyo, Japan (specifically in the Azubu Juban district of the Minato Ward)

First Appearance: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Live Action (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, TOEI/Kodansha, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Luna Prism Power, Make Up! - she says this phrase to become Sailor Luna; Luna Sucre Candy! - her attack. She also wields a crescent moon wand that is identical to Sailor Moon's but hers can change into other objects (like a fan... which she hits Kunzite over the head with). If she sneezes she turns back into Luna the Toy Cat

History: Luna is Sailor Moon's cat, and also her advisor. She gave Sailor Moon the broach which activated the girl's powers.

Comments: Created by Naoko Takeuchi, then modified for the 2003 live-action Sailor Moon series "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon". While her manga and anime counterparts are cats, live action Luna is a stuffed toy cat (a "plushie") which can also become human (something her counterpart can do but they become much older) and transform into Sailor Luna (only live action Luna has this ability) because she was bathed in the light of Sailor Moon's silver crystal. Played by Koike Rina (Live action as human) and voiced by Han Keiko (anime at all times, live action as stuffed toy cat)

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