Real Name: Sigurd

Identity/Class: Demi-god

Occupation: Hero and adventurer

Affiliations: Gunnar

Enemies: Fafnir, the Nibelung

Known Relatives: Sigmund (father), Hjordis (mother), Volsung (grandfather), Odin (great grandfather), Gudrun (wife), Gunnar (brother-in-law), Brunhild (sister-in-law, former fiancee), King of the Rhine (father-in-law)

Aliases: Fafnir's Bane, (see also comments)

Base of Operations: Active across Europe

First Appearance: Völsunga Saga, c. A.D.500

Powers/Abilities: Invulnerable, except for a leap shaped spot on his back. Possesses a cloak of invisibility. Has nearly superhuman strength and is a skilled warrior, excelling in all physical pursuits. Thanks to drinking from Fafnir's blood, he can understand the speech of the birds in the trees.

History: After slaying the dragon Fafnir in battle, the hero Sigurd bathed in his blood, making himself invulnerable to harm, except on a spot on his back where a leaf had landed and kept the blood off. Later Sigurd stole the gold of the Nibelung (dwarves), then stumbled across the sleeping Valkyrie Brunhild. They became engaged to be married, but during an adventure in foreign parts, Sigurd was given a potion by the King of the Rhine which wiped his memory of his fiancee. The King then promised Sigurd the hand of his daughter, Gudrun, if he would aid the king's son, Gunnar, in winning a bride. The bride in question proved to be Brunhild, who had placed herself within a ring of fire to dissuade would-be suitors. Disguised as Gunnar, Sigurd penetrated the ring and reached Brunhild, who then dutifully agreed to marry Gunnar. However she soon realised the deception, and had Sigurd slain before committing suicide.

Comments: Later versions of the tales altered minor details and in many cases name. Sigurd was renamed Siegfried in several versions, most notably Wagner's Ring Cycle.


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