Special Unit 2

Membership: Captain Richard Page, Detective Nick O'Malley, Detective Kate Benson, Carl, Sean Radmon, Jonathan

Purpose: To track down and capture or kill rogue Links

Affiliations: Chicago Police Department

Enemies: Medusa, the Chameleon, the "Fat Link", the Scarecrow, the Djinn, Cupid, various other malevolent Links

Base of Operations: Abandoned subway station behind the Golden Eagle dry cleaners, Chicago, U.S.A.

First Appearance: Special Unit 2 #1 "The Brothers" (UPN, 11th April 2001)

History: Special Unit 2 (S.U.2) is one of Chicago Police Department's biggest secrets. Founded to deal with cases involving "Links", supernatural beings who are believed to have evolved from the missing link between men and animals, they deal with the bizarre, the unexplained and the unusual. Though other cops are aware there is a SU2, they don't know what it does, where it is based, or (in most cases) even what the initials stand for - they just find them annoying for their propensity to come on the scene and take over without explanation. Operatives are recruited from police detectives who have stumbled across Links and survived, and tend to be resourceful in the extreme - which you have to be to stay alive when dealing with dragons, mermen, werewolves and other monsters on a day-to-day basis.

Comments: The show only lasted two short seasons, a total of 19 episodes:

  1. The Brothers

  2. The Pack

  3. The Wraps

  4. The Web

  5. The Waste

  6. The Depths

  7. The Grain (start of Season 2)

  8. The Skin

  9. The Years

  10. The Invisible

  11. The Eve

  12. The Rocks

  13. The Drag

  14. The Beast

  15. The Wall

  16. The Straw

  17. The Love

  18. The Piper

  19. The Wish


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