Real Name: Ezekial Stone

Identity/Class: Undead spirit

Occupation: former Police detective; current unwilling servant of the Devil

Affiliations: The Devil

Enemies: The Devil, Father Edward Salinas, Frederick "Willy" Grover, Hasdrabul Skaras, Ashur Badaktu, Paco Gomez, "Sally" Ann McGee, Gilbert Jax

Known Relatives: Rosalyn (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles

First Appearance: Brimstone #1 "Pilot" (Fox, 23rd October 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Stone is undead and thus very difficult to injure; bullets just put holes in him without otherwise causing him harm, for example. He is also slightly stronger than living humans.

History: Detective Ezekial Stone was a cop whose wife was raped, back in 1983. He hunted down the rapist, Gilbert Jax, and killed him in cold blood, making it look like a drug overdose. A few months later he was killed himself during a shootout, and discovered that his actions had darkened his soul, condemning him to Hell. He was there for fifteen years, until in 1998 a hundred and thirteen of the most evil souls engineered a break-out. The Devil released Stone back into the world to hunt them down, covered in 113 tattoos, one for each of the escapees. As he sends each one back to Hell the tattoo representing them vanishes, and if he can recapture them all, then he will be freed from his punishment in return.

His mission is complicated by a number of factors. First, most of the other escapees gained a measure of supernatural powers during their time in the netherworld, giving them special abilities; Stone, however, wasn't there long enough to gain similar abilities. Second, the escapees, like Stone, are all undead, and injuries to their bodies don't even slow them down; the only way to return them to whence they came is to put out their eyes, the "windows of the soul", which is an automatic one way ticket back to Hades. And third, while the Devil tends to drop by to goad Stone on, he rarely gives him useful information. Even though events prove that he knows exactly where most, if not all, of the escapees are, he seems to find it much more fun to watch Stone flail around blindly.

Comments: Peter Horton played Zeke Stone, with John Glover playing the Devil. His recurring nemesis, and the soul who led the escape, was Ashe, played by Teri Polo. The show lasted thirteen episodes, a good show that was cut off in its prime:

  1. Pilot

  2. Heat

  3. Encore

  4. Repentance

  5. Poem

  6. Executioner

  7. Slayer

  8. Ashes

  9. Lovers

  10. Carrier

  11. Faces

  12. It's a Helluva Life

  13. Mourning After

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