Southern Cross

Real Name: Bertram Davis

Identity/Class: Unknown - human mutant or mutate most likely

Occupation: Fashion designer, government agent

Affiliations: Southern Squadron, Flash Damingo, Boris the Bear, Waitangi Rangers, Colonel Rivers

Enemies: Grandstander

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sydney, Australia

First Appearance: Cyclone Presents #1 (Cyclone Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Southern Cross is able to move objects at a distance with the power of his mind. He can fly by focussing this on himself (fast enough to travel from Sydney to Queensland and back in seconds), and generates a protective aura. He uses a power cane which amplifies his power; while he does not need it to employ his paranormal power, it boosts those abilities considerably.

History: Southern Cross is one of the members of the Southern Squadron, Australia's premiere superteam. In his civilian identity Bert is a fashion designer who happens to also be a powerful psychokinetic.

Comments: Created by David de Vries, and drawn by Gary Chaloner.

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