Hack and Slash

Real Name: Hack (red one) and Slash (blue one)

Identity/Class: Robots

Occupation: Henchmen; bodyguards; Null-minders

Affiliations: Bob, Dot, Enzo, Nibbles the Null

(formerly) Megabyte

Enemies: Gigabyte, Daemon, Megabyte

Known Relatives: Each other (uncertain what the exact relationship is though)

Aliases: The idiots

Base of Operations: Silicon Tor; Principle Office

First Appearance: ReBoot

Powers/Abilities: The two of them can fly and have a large about of telescoping gadgets secreted about them. They can also take being heavily damaged and command incredibly strength - when a temporarily reformed Gigabyte drained Hack's energy, a vengeful Slash hit him so hard he went flying for miles.

History: Formerly the bumbling and inefficient henchmen of Megabyte and the minders of his pet Null Nibbles, they suffered a crisis of conscience after Bob left and ended up destroyed; when rebuilt, they joined the Mainframers and acted as Dot's bodyguards. When Megabyte returned to the system, they were  extremely scared.

Comments: Hack voiced by Phil Hayes and later Scott McNeil, Slash by Gary Chalk.

The entire above profile was generously supplied by Charles Ellis. Many thanks to him for doing so.

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