Super Boy

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Unnamed father

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Unnamed father (scientist), Matt (uncle), Rochelle (sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth, a few years into the future.

First Appearance: Super Boy #112 (Imperia, 1958)

Powers/Abilities: Super Boy wears a rocket belt which enables him to fly, and a radio helmet with a transparent visor.

History: Super Boy was the son of a scientist who protected Earth against super-villains and various extra-terrestrial threats on a slightly futuristic Earth.

Comments: Created by "Schwarz" and Félix Molinari.

Published by Imperia, who mostly reprinted imported stories from Italy and Spain, the "Super Boy" magazine was started in October 1949, without a feature entitled Super Boy in it. The eponymous character only made its first appearance in No. 112 in 1958.

Super Boy was the creation of writer "Schwarz" (publisher Robert Bagage's first wife) and of artist Félix Molinari. New stories drawn by Molinari appeared without any interruption until No. 247 in 1970, then the magazine began to print a mix of reprints and new stories, drawn by Spanish artists Rafael Mendez, José Maria Ortiz and Jaime Forns. The title ran until 1986.

Sometime during this period, the original triagular chest logo (a yellow triangular "SB") worn by Super Boy was replaced by a circular one (the letters SB in white against a black circle).

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