Real Name: Darryl Sheppard

Identity/Class: Human mutate


Affiliations: Member of the Revengers


Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Samuree #1 (Continuity Comics, May 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Samuree was trained in a broad array of Eastern martial arts (her adoptive island was a centuries-old polyglot of martial artists and warrior cultures) and is one of the deadliest martial artists on (Continuity's) Earth (aside from Armor).

The experiments conducted on her as a child included: super-steroids to induce greatly enhanced musculature and pyschotic rage (with temporary effects) and temporary clinical death, so who knows the longterm effects? Due to her martial training by her adoptive mother, she was also capable of inducing trances/suspension animation in herself.

History: Darryl Sheppard was only a young child when  the U.S. Air Force transport plane she was on crashed down on a small island to the north of Japan, leaving her the sole survivor. The locals took the youth in, and raised her as a member of their community, complete with their devotion to the martial arts. Then her adoptive home island was invaded by a corporation with US military ties who proceeeded to perform hideous experiments on the islanders they did not immediately execute for fighting back. Eventually she was found and adopted by a U.S. Air Force Captain, Gideon Pierce. She grew up to be a strong willed woman with a desire to do right, and when she terrorists took control of New York's Museum of Natural History, she teamed up with the Revengers (Megalith, Armor, SilverStreak) to stop them.

Comments: Thanks to Mike Murphy for additional information on her history, as well as informing me of her powers.


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