Babe, John Byrne character

Backhand, Strikeforce: Morituri

Backlash, long lived Kherubhim warrior in the Wildstorm universe

Badass, Demon Hunter and friend of the Badger

The Badge, Big Bang hero

Badger, insane superhero, from the creator of Nexus

Badger, villain who fought the Indestructible Man

Bad Guy, foe of Megaton Man

Bad Kitty, Chaos Comics bad girl

Badrock, superstrong member of Youngblood

Bagabond, homeless Ace who can control animals

Baggy Pants, genie who worked for British kid

Bagha, Indian hero

Bagman, Genetic Infantryman, now a bio-chip on the Rogue Trooper's backpack

Bagwis, Filipino hero

Bahadur, Indian hero

Baiul, Ivana, adult supervisor of DV8

Baker, Gloria, M.A.S.K.

Balbo the Boy Magician, Golden Age hero

Bald Eagle


Ballistic, member of Cyberforce

Bananaman, British hero who gets his powers from Bananas

Bandeirante, Brazilian android


Banner, David, the Hulk's father in the 2003 movie

Bannister, Frank, psychic investigator


Bantala, Indonesian hero

Bantul, Indian hero

Banzai Girl, Filipino monster fighter

Baphomet, Elementals character

Baraka, Arabic fire demon, and member of Soulsearchers and Company

Barbel, Italian hero

Barb Wire, tough girl from Steel Harbor in Dark Horse's Comic's Greatest World

Baron Blood, British vampire, allied with the Nazis in World War II

Baron Blood, grandnephew of the original Baron Blood

Baron Münchhausen, German tall tale teller

Baron Rumpus, member of the Vile Brotherhood

Baron Tiger

Baroud, French created character from the Semic Universe, a British crimelord

Barracuda, top agent of the UN from Britain's Lion comic

Barragon, giant foe of Godzilla

Barrett, Richard, one of ITC's Champions from TV, British secret agents with superpowers

Barrier, Astro City hero

Barry, the hero formerly known as Tick, from the Tick's universe

Barry Kuda

Bar Sinister

Bartlett, Johnny, undead serial killer

Bartok Brotherhood, crime fighting clones

Bartok, Greta, Fear City witch

Base, member of Genetix

The Bat, British character, very clearly a rip off of Batman, who appeared in the 40s 

The Bat, British character, a hero who has come back from Hell

The Bat, superburglar who battled the Phantom in Pow Annual 1971


Batang X, Filipino hero team

Batfink, His wings are like a shield of steel!

Bato, Banana powered Filipino hero


Battalion, Stormwatch Weatherman, now leader of the Monarchy

Battlestone, leader of Brigade, former member of Youngblood

Battra, foe of Godzilla


B.C., member of the Night Krew

Beacon of Earth B, Big Bang hero

Beacon of Earth A, Big Bang heroine

Beast Man, foe of He-Man


Beautie, member of Astro City's Honor Guard

Beaver Boy, Partner of Captain Canada, spoof hero

Beckett, Sam, Quantum Leaper

Becky Burdock, vampire reporter and ally of Jack Staff

Bedbug, Shooting Star Comics

Bedivere, Knight of the Round Table

The Bee, Harvey Comics

Bee-Man, Harvey Comics

Beetroot, Warpie

Behemoth, superstrong member of the Destroyers, from the Elementals' Universe

Beingal, ally of the Golden Dragon

La Belabet, member of a future incarnation of Danger Unlimited

Belladonna, member of Starforce 6

Belldandy, Oh! My Goddess!

Belphegor, French supervillain

Benedict, paranormal investigator

Ben Gallagher, member of the Knights of Pendragon

Ben Kulmer, member of Q, the paranormal investigative squad from Jack Staff

Ben 10, pre-teen hero with alien shapeshifting device

Benton Frasier, mountie hero of the Due South TV show

Beowulf, the epic hero

Beowulf, Canadian take on the epic hero

Berdugo, Filipino hero

Bernardo Karpio, Filipino hero

Bethany, member of the Next Men

Bewitched Belinda, British witch from Whizzer and Chips comic

Bez, one of the Arabian Knights

Bhatija, Indian character

Bheria, Indian hero

Bhokal, Indian hero

Bianca, X-Thief

Bible Girl, ally of Bibleman

Bibleman, Christian hero

Bifrost, member of the Pantheon

Big Ben, patriotic British hero from Warrior magazine

Big Ben, hero from Alternative 257, from 2000 A.D.s Zenith strip

Big Bloke, Australian supervillain and enemy of Dollboy

Big E, superhuman editor of British comic Tornado

Bigfoot, sometimes enemy, sometimes ally, of the Six Million Dollar Man

Big Gun, enemy of Death's Head

Big Guy, partner of Rusty the Boy Robot

Big Klanky, alien robot from the Sparky comic

Big Red

Big Shot, gun-toting superhero from the Tick's world

Big Two, enemy of Megaton Man

Big Wolf on Campus, Tommy Dawkins, high school jock turned werewolf superhero

Bill Savage, truck driver who fought the Volg invasion

Bill Silent Bear, one of the Espers

Billy Binns, young boy turned into superb athlete by a pair of magic spectacles

Billy Blow, lad from the Buster with superstrong lungs

Billy Buckskin, Atlas Comics Western hero

Billy Dane, Billy's Boots, young boy who becomes a superb footballer while wearing a pair of special boots

Billy: Demon Slayer, Australian anti-Christ

Billy Joe, enemy of Johnny Alpha

Billy the Cat, youthful British superhero

Billy the Dragon, Filipino hero

Billy Whizz, speedster from the Beano

Bio Boy, Canadian character

Biolantte, foe of Godzilla

Bioman, Super Sentai

Bionic Six, cartoon team of cyborgs

Bionic Woman, sometimes partner of the Six Million Dollar Man

Biotrog, Filipino hero

Birdboy, sidekick of the TV Birdman

Birdgirl, ally of the TV Birdman

Birdman, Golden Age hero

Birdman, British comic hero, partner of Chicken

Birdman, US cartoon hero, partner of Birdboy

Birdman from Baratoga, flying hero from Smash!

The Birds of Paradise, South American superheroes in the Astro City universe

Bitter Souls, defenders of New Orleans

B-Ko, Japanese character, armoured rival of A-Ko

Blacan, Indonesian hero

Black, Alan, esper assassin

Black Adam, enemy of Captain Marvel

Black Angel

Black Angel, Heroes Inc

Black Anvil, member of Strykeforce

Black Archer, British hero armed with a crossbow

Black Avenger, Golden Age Timely hero

Black Avenger, masked Western hero

Black Badge, Astro City hero

Black Baron, Captain Britain foe

Black Bat, Pulps detective

Black Bat, another Pulps detective, this one masked

Blackbird, member of Force 7

Blackblood, member of the ABC Warriors

Blackbow, Western hero

Black Boy, French adventurer

Black Cat, Golden age heroine

Black Cobra, Golden age hero

Black Commander

Black Commando, Americomics hero

Black Condor, Quality Golden Age hero

Black Crusader, Golden Age hero

Black Crystal, member of the Atomics

Black Diamond, Golden Age hero

Black Diamond, Americomics heroine

Black Dwarf

Black Eagle, member of the Four Aces in the Wild Cards universe

Black Enchantress, antagonist of the Champions, daughter of Doctor Arcane and aunt to Lady Arcane

Black, Frank, former F.B.I agent who now tracks serial killers

Black Fury, Fox Features Syndicate hero from the Golden Age

Black Fury, Street and Smith hero from the Golden Age

Black Fury, Golden Age newspaper strip heroine

Blackhawk, W.W.II pilot

Black Hawk, British scientific hero, former villain

Black Hawk, Australian Golden Age hero


Black Hood, The original Archie Comics character

Black Hood, The second Archie Comics character

Black Hood, Impact Comics take on the character

Blackie, enemy of the O-Men

Blackjac, ally and best friend of Grimjack

Blackjack, 1930s soldier-of-fortune

Black Jack, Archie Comics

Black Jack, Impact Comics

21 Black Jack

Black Knight, Atlas comics character

Black Knight, Canadian Golden age hero

Black Leopard, Chinese hero

Black Lion

Blackmane, member of the Futurians

The Black Marvel, Golden Age Timely hero

Black Mask

Black Max, World War One flier who controlled giant bats

Black Ops

Black Orchid, Harvey Comics heroine

Blackout, Comic House Publications character

Blackout, Holyoke Golden Age character

Black Owl, leader of Project: Youngblood

Black Owl, Golden age hero

Black Panther, Golden age hero

Black Partridge, Superior Squad

Black Plague, Boom! Studios supervillain

Black Power Man, Brazilian hero

Black Rapier, member of the Honor Guard

Black Rider, Golden Age western hero

Black Rose, Hong Kong vigilante

Black Sapper, high tech British hero, former crook

Black Scorpion, defender of the City of Angels

Black Shadow, British hero

Black Shadow, Wild Cards hero

Black Shadow, Filipino hero

Blackshirt, British gentleman crook

Blacksnake, foe of Captain Confederacy

Black Spider, Golden age hero

Blackstar, Filmation barbarian

Black Terror, Golden age version

Black Terror, Eclipse version

Blackthorne, Strikeforce: Morituri

Black Venus, Golden Age heroine

Black Watch, Strikeforce: Morituri

Black Whip, 1930's British secret agent

Black Widow

Black Widow, Golden Age Timely character

Black Wing, Canadian Golden Age hero

Black Wing, Young lad with winged flying suit

Blackwing, Australian

Blaise, grandson of Doctor Tachyon, from Wild Cards

Blake Edmonds, British hero with a scarred face and a death wish

Blake, Kent, Golden Age Secret Service man

Blanc-Sec, Adele, French paranormal investigator

Blankman, movie hero

Blaze, clone of White Heat, from 2000 A.D.'s Zenith

Blaze Baylor

Blaze Carson, Golden Age Western hero

Blazer, member of Justice Machine

Blazer, Australian

Blazing Glory, member of the Freedom Fighters, from Paul Grist's Jack Staff

Blazing Scarab

Blazing Skull, Golden Age hero

Blessing, William, Crow

Blip, Space Ghost's monkey friend

Bliss, Hyperkind

Bliss, DV8

Bliss, Maze Agency

Blitz, 1, Big Bang speedster

Blitz, 2, another Big Bang speedster

Blitzen, of the Shadow Cabinet

Blizzard, member of the Crusaders

Bloat, obese Joker leader

Block&Tackle, Astro City villains

Blocman, hero in the Angloman universe

Blonde Bombshell, opponent of Flare

Blonde Bombshell, Danger Unlimited

Blonde Phantom, Golden Age Timely character

Bloodbow, member of Strykeforce

Bloodclot, New Zealand superhero

Bloodface, New Zealand superhero


Bloodgroup, New Zealand hero team

Blood Hawk, enemy of the Hero Alliance


Bloodpack, vampire special ops

Bloodshot, the precursor to Rai, from Valiant comics

Bloodshot, Acclaim version of the above

Bloodstone, the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, and like her father, a monster hunter

Blood Syndicate, superpowered gang from the fictional city of Dakota

Bloody Mary, from the Elementals Universe

Blook, Dutch hero

Blossom, Powerpuff Girl

Blow Hole, whale supervillain from the Tick's world

Bludgeon, foe of Smoke

Blue, Bad City Buttonman

Blue Beetle, the Golden Age Dan Garrett, the original

Blue Beetle, the Charlton Dan Garrett

Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, Charlton's second Blue Beetle

Blue Belly, a.k.a. Jumo the Magnificent, member of the Mysterymen

Blue Bolt, Golden age hero

Blue Bolt, son of Captain Thunder

Blue Blade, Golden Age hero

Blue Blaze, Timely hero

Blue Circle, Golden age hero

Blue Demon, Mexican wrestler

Bluedragon, Brian

Blue Dwarf, 19th century anti-hero

Blue Falcon, guardian of Big City

Blue Fire, Golden age hero

Blue Flame

The Blueflyer

Bluefox, enemy of Captain Canuck


Blue Lady

the Blue Raja

Blue Ray, Australian hero

Blue Scorpion, Canadian hero

Blue Streak, Golden age hero

Blue Streak, Holyoke's Golden Age hero

Blue Tracer, Quality Comics Golden age hero


Blue Wizard, member of the Amazing Three

Blunder Girl, clumsy heroine

Bluntman, partner of Chronic

BMX Bandit, partner to Angel Summoner

Bo, ally of Doc Savage, in the DC Comics version

Bob, Five Swell Guys

Bob, CGI hero from Reboot

Bobbie, Springheeled Jock's dog

Bobbie the Quarter God, Actionfolksinger

Bob Kasten, truffle pig and vampire slayer

Bodlja, Serbian supervillainess

Bob Phantom, Golden age Archie hero

Bob Phantom, Impact Comics

Bob Ray, Canadian hero

Bodybag, member of Gatecrasher's Technet

Bodyguard, British small press character

Bog, Big Bang comics

Bog-Beast, Atlas comics monster

Boga, Indonesian hero

Bogie Man, Scottish madman detective


Bojeffries family, monster family living on an English council estate

Bola de Fogo, Brazilian hero

Bolas, Web-Master

Le Bolide Fantome, French adventurer

The Bolt, enemy of the Spider

Bolt, Americomic hero

Bombay, Ali, M.A.S.K.

Bomb Queen, ruler of New Port City

Bombshell, Golden Age hero

Bombshell, partner of Spy Boy

Bombshell, foe of the Guardsmen

Bombshell, daughter of Bombshell (above) with explosive powers, foe of the Hero Alliance

Bond, James, British secret agent, 007, license to kill

Bondo Man, Mysterymen

Bone, fantasy world adventurer

Bone Machine, enemy of Robocop

Bones, member of the Watch

Bones, sidekick of Master Mind

Bonfire, enemy of the Hero Alliance

Bonjo from Beyond the Stars

Boog, son of the Boogeyman

Booga, boyfriend of Tank Girl

Boogieman, of the Blood Syndicate


Boot, British supersoldier

Booter, member of the Super Seven

el Borbah, masked Mexican wrestler detective

Borderlander, Australian character

Boris the Bear, robotic comic critic

Boro-Kay, Spanish school boy hero

Bos, Dick


Bouncer, Golden age hero

Bouncing Beatnik, Astro City hero

Bounty Hunter

Bowen, Tommy

The Bowler, female member of the Mysterymen

Box, Alpha Flight

The Box, Astro City

Boxatricks, crimefighting box containing gadgets for all occasions

Boy, one of the Invisibles

Boy Buddies, pairing of the Shield and Wizard's two teen sidekicks

Boy King, Golden age hero who controlled a giant

Bozo the Iron Man, Quality Comics hero

Braddock, Betsy, psychic heroine, went on to become Psylocke of the X-Men

Braddock, Jamie, mad brother of Captain Britain

Brady, Battle, Atlas comics soldier

Brahma, member of Youngblood

Brain, genius mouse, would be world conqueror

The Brain, Canadian hero

Brain Boy, Dell superhero

Brainchild, enemy of the Tick

Brainmaster, Australian superhero

Brainstorm, member of the O-Men

Brak, enemy of Space Ghost and sitcom star

Brasil, Brazilian hero

Brass Monkey, foe of Jack-in-the-Box

Brassneck, robotic boy from the Dandy

Bratman, juvenile capable of causing earthquakes, Hero High

Brava, Strikeforce: Morituri

Bravestarr, futuristic lawman

Bravo, Astro City Irregular

Brawl, member of Wildcore

Breeze, member of the Knights of Pendragon

Breeze Barton, Golden Age hero

Brenda, Teen Angel

Brian Bluedragon, Satan's Six

Brian Li Sung, lover of Christine Spar and one of the line of Grendels

Brianna, sister of Gold Digger

Brian's Brain, supercomputer from Smash!

Bricker, one of the Haunted

Brick House, of the Blood Syndicate

Brick Stonewall, DNAgents enemy

Bridget, acrobatic member of Soulsearchers and Company

la Brigade Temporalle, The French Time Brigade

Brigand Doom, Ghostly brigand who haunts evil doers, from 2000 A.D.


Bright, Matthew, police officer and one of the Specials in Rising Stars

Brilliant Brain, ally of Megaton Man

Brimstone, Ezekial Stone, ghost tasked by the devil to recover escapees from Hell

Brisefer, Benoît, superhumanly strong French boy

Britania, Australian

Britannia I, World War II patriotic heroine

Britannia II, modern day successor to Britannia I

Britomart, sidekick to the Next Megaton Man

Broadway, Gargoyle

Brok Windsor, Canadian space hero like Flash Gordon

Bromisnar, Arabian practical joker, from a Chilean comic

Bronwen Gryffn, Mys-Tech Board member

Bronx, Gargoyle

Bronze Man, Golden age hero

Bronze Terror, Golden Age hero

Brooklyn, Gargoyle

Brother Basilisk, foe of Rose of the Champions

Brother Power

The Brothers, twins, one of whom is turned into an apeman by radioactive waste

Brown, Alfie, Golden Age soldier

Brown-Out, member of Batch 72

Bruce, Australian Judge

Bruce Foresight, precognitive youth from the Buster comic

Bruiser, Canadian hero

la Bruja Blanca, enemy of Kaliman

el Brujo, Mexican hero from Captain Confederacy's Earth

Bruno Demonski, Man of Fire, armoured foe of Storm Force

Brute, cannabalistic caveman

Brutus Badd, minor league supervillain in the Futurian universe

Bryan Daniels, Southern Knights groundskeeper



Bubbasaur, Milestone villain

Bubbles, Powerpuff Girl


Buckaroo Banzai, leader of the Hong Kong Cavaliers

Buck-Eye, member of the Starforce 6

Buck Rogers, adventurer stranded in the 25th Century

Buckskin, Golden age hero

Buck Wild, Milestone Comics hero

Bucky, Timely Comics hero

Bucky O'Hare, rabbit space adventurer

Buena Girl, school aged masked wrestler

Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer

Bug, partner of Stump

Bug Boy, Superior Squad

Bug Man, Australian hero

Buhawi Jack, Filipino hero

el Búho, Mexican hero

The Builder, enemy of the Steel Claw

el Bulbo, superpowered light bulb

Bulky Guy, foe of Megaton Man

Bull, stupid but strong member of the Crushers

Bulletgirl, Fawcett Comics heroine

Bulletman, Fawcett Comics hero

Bulletproof, Milestone villain

Bullroarer, Astro City hero

Bullwinkle, Moose

Bulmer, Joe, telekinetic punk

Burgess, New Statesman

El Burlador, Spanish swordsman

Burn, Strikeforce: Morituri

Burna, enemy of Kaliman

Burnout, Gen 13

Burnout, Liberty Project

Burns, Calhoun, M.A.S.K.

Bushkin, Boris, M.A.S.K.

Butane, Warpie

The Butcher, Eerie vigilante

Buttercup, Powerpuff Girl

Butterguy, British small press hero

Buurman, Dutch hero

Buytonic Boy, superpowered agent for the Ever-So-Secret-Service