Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Vampire hybrid

Occupation: Agent of Shadow Sector

Affiliations: Ace of Diamonds

Enemies: Leon DeVry (vampire)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Area 51, Nevada

First Appearance: Heroic Tales #5 (Lone Star Press, February 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Bloodlust is a highly trained agent of Shadow Sector. She has access to state of the art custom weaponry. She is also a vampire hybrid with all of the strength and speed of a vampire without the usual weaknesses. She can heal from virtually any wound rapidly. To avoid succumbing to her thirst for human blood she takes regular transfusions of artificial plasma.

History: Little is known about Bloodlust currently other than a suspected ink to the DeVry vampire lineage. She also worked for a time with Robert Nolan, who was an agent of Shadow Sector and the adoptive father of Danika Nolan (Ace of Diamonds). She and Danika crossed paths when the vampire Leon DeVry attempted to steal Danika's powers.

Comments: Created by Glenn Porzig. Many thanks to Glenn for providing much of the information listed in this profile.

Bloodlust first appeared in the Ace of Diamonds back up story in Heroic Tales #5. Her next appearance was in her first solo adventure as a back up story published in Ace of Diamonds #1. Though Ace of Diamonds, Silver Spyder and Bloodlust all made their first appearances in titles published by Lone Star Press, they were not a part of the Lone Star Universe, and there were no character crossovers with the other Lonestar titles.


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