Real Name: Angelo Mortalli

Identity/Class: Human mutate / cyborg

Occupation: Former assassin, mobster

Affiliations: Neville Alcott, Eternal Warrior

Enemies: Project Rising Spirit

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Eternal Warrior #4 (November 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Bloodshot's nanite blood gives him superhuman speed, agility, and healing powers: total body control. He can also dominate electrical devices and read computers directly through physical contact.

History: Angelo Mortalli was a mobster, a member of the Carboni crime family, until they sold him out. The scientists of Project Rising Spirit and its founder, Hideyoshi Iwatsu, were developing techniques to turn a man into a perfect killing machine, and the Carboni's were happy to provide someone to experiment on, so long as they were given back any successes.

The Project filled Angelo's blood with nanites, microscopic robots which erased his memories and re-wrote his DNA to turn him into a perfect killing machine: faster, stronger and more agile than normal humans. But just because a man has no memory doesn't mean he'll obey you, and "Bloodshot" as he was designated, escaped. Discovering they couldn't replicate the success of Bloodshot's "Blood of Heroes" experiment, they sent other operatives with inferior nanite-created abilities, the Speedshot warriors, after him, all to no avail.

Bloodshot tracked down some of his origins, and sought out Don Benito Carboni to find out who he had once been. Sickened by the man he once was, he renounced his past. An allegiance with Gilad, the Eternal Warrior gave him new purpose, and  he became an agent of Gilad's "solicitor", Neville Alcott, who would send him on missions around the world.

Comments: Bloodshot is the precursor to the Rai line of heroes who would defend Japan until the 40th century.


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