Real Name: Jim Barr

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Criminologist, forensic chemist

Affiliations: Bulletgirl


Known Relatives: Pat Barr (father, deceased)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Nickel Comics #1 (Fawcett, 1940); America's Greatest Comics 1-8; Bulletman 1-16 (no #13); Bulletman Dime Action Book; Gift Comics 1-4; Holiday Comics 1; Master Comics 7-106; Mighty Midget Comics: Bulletman (11 and 12); Whiz Comics 106; X-Mas Comics 1-2

Powers/Abilities: Super strength, super intellect, telescopic vision. Also a Gravity Regulator Helmet which allowed him to fly and deflect bullets.

History: Jim Barr was the orphaned son of Police Sergeant Pat Barr (a widower, who then was killed in the line of duty). Vowing to follow in his father's footsteps, young Jim studies the sciences and then tries to join the police force. Considered too frail to be let in, he becomes a chemist and criminologist instead, in this manner still managing to work for the police. Wanting to help more with the fight against crime, he created an "anti-criminal serum" which he hopes will reform people by suppressing their dark sides to become good. Believing it to be finished, he tested it by drinking it himself. He awakened the next morning to find he has grown four inches (now standing six foot tall) and gained 60 pounds of muscle. His mind had also been enhanced. Deciding to use his new abilities to become a crimefighter, he designed a helmet containing an anti-gravity device that allowed him to fly and deflect bullets. With these and a colourful costume he became Bulletman. He was soon joined by his girlfriend (Bulletgirl) and even their dog, Slug, who outfitted with a Gravity collar became Bulletdog.

Bulletman and Bulletgirl were members of the Squadron of Justice and the Crime Crusaders Club. They were eventually joined by another friend, who became Bulletboy.

Comments: Another Fawcett hero who transferred to DC in the 1980's. Image used on this page of the two heroes together courtesy of Steve Rogers' Golden Years Comic Book Library. Other images of Bulletman from Brad Newman's Comic Book Cover Quest, likewise used with permission.


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