Batang X (X Kids)

Membership: A-Gel (Anghel Arsenal), G:Boy (Bugoy), 3-Na (Trina De la Paz), Kid/Lat (Kiko Arsenal), Control (real name unknown)

Purpose: To defend Earth against alien invaders

Affiliations: Dr. Kuwago, Phillips, Dr. Axis (later in the comic book series)

Enemies: Dr.Axis, Zygrax

Base of Operations: The Phillippines

First Appearance: Batang X (movie)

History: Batang X are a group of five children with superhuman potential kidnapped by Dr. Axis, an alien stranded on earth with her space ship. She needs their power in order to steal a material as a source of energy for her spaceship to leave the planet. A-Gel, who walks with crutches, gains the ability to fly, while his blind older brother Kid/Lat gains vision powers, including an eye blast. 3-Na can turn invisible, and G:Boy has superhuman strength.

Comments: Created by Peque Gallaga.

Originally appearing in a movie, the characters were sufficiently successful to spawn a short lived TV series. There was a comic book series published by Sonic Publishing, which expanded the story from the movie. Both the film and comic were sponsored by McDonalds.

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