Blackjac Mac

Real Name: Jack MacCaber

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Mercenary

Affiliations: Grimjack (John Gaunt); Goddess (girlfriend)

Enemies: MacCabre

Known Relatives: MacCabre (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cynosure

First Appearance: Starslayer #17

Powers/Abilities: Extremely skilled fighter.

History: Son of the Dancer's lieutenant MacCabre, he was sold by his father into the arena, where he first met John Gaunt. Hates his father.

"He drank, he stole, he cheated on my mama. Punched her like a clock too. When I tried to stop him, he beat on me. After mama died, daddy scattered all us kids - me he sold to the arena. I was ten at the time.

You and me, Grimjack. That's where we first met. You were the first being outside my mama and the kids to treat me fair, so you'll always be my man.

Never found my brothers and sisters again and I've looked hard." (G#3) - shortly after saying this about his siblings he confronts his father about their whereabouts, and MacCabre initially claims that he has used them as genetic material to grow his monstrous bullyboys, though he recants this later when threatened at swordpoint by Blackjac.

Fought in the Demon Wars, later set up his own merc squad.

"Blackjacmac - the head of an outlaw group of mercenaries. Blackjac and his band refused to pay the city merc tax, and the city was none too pleased about it." (G#3)

At the point in his life when Gaunt was killed by Major Lash the balance on his soul was dubious, and if he died too he would have gone to Hell. It was this threat to his friend that made Grimjack walk out of hell. His girlfriend is Goddess, which is not a nickname. By Twilley's time he has been cloned several times to be corporate chairman. Twilley claims to know how he dies, and to have witnessed it during his first incarnation.

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