Black Ops

Membership: Shire, Donovan Crane, Redbird, GQ, Geek, H.E.R.B.

Purpose: Unknown; formerly to carry out whatever missions I.O. gave them

Affiliations: John Lynch; former International Operations

Enemies: DV-8; I.O.

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Black Ops #1 (Wildstorm)

History: Formerly an elite Black Razor team working for International Operations (IO), the group known as "Black Ops" (they have no official designation) were attacked in their safehouse in an apparent attempt to 'silence' them, and their leader was killed in the ensuing firefight. De facto leader Svetlana Grozny (callsign "Shire") evacuated the team and went in search of former IO veteran Donovan Crane to seek his help against a rogue GRU agent.

None of the team members have special powers, but for the most part they have been trained specifically to combat super-powered beings.

Quick and dirty team roster:

Donovan Crane - Veteran of IO. De facto team mentor.

Svetlana Grozny ("Shire") - Team leader by default.

Nataly Lakota ("Redbird") - Weapons specialist.

"GQ" - the team sniper.

"Geek" - The token annoying hacker kid.

H.E.R.B. - Geek apparently restored H.E.R.B. to working condition. It is uncertain what its status was before, but it (or its parts) was located at Crane's safehouse. H.E.R.B. is a large humanoid robot standing about 12 feet tall; it possesses some degree of reasoning capability. Due possibly to the difficulty of synthesizing appropriate grammatical sentences, H.E.R.B. speaks exclusively in quotes from popular culture.

Comments: Created by Shon Bury, Dan Norton and Sandra Hope.

Thanks to Nathanael Hsien-Ern Ng for informing me of this group and providing information about them.


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