Real Name: Suzanne Melotti

Identity/Class: Ace (human mutant or mutate)

Occupation: Homeless person

Affiliations: Sewer Jack, D.A. Rosemary Muldoon

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Guatamala; formerly New York.

First Appearance: Wild Cards "Down Deep" (1987)

Powers/Abilities: Able to control animals. She usually works through smaller creatures, using them as spies and messengers, but she is capable of controlling larger beasts. In some cases, where the minds are relatively primitive, she can control many at once. Although she does not like to kill the animals she controls, she once demonstrated the ability to use an entire flock of pigeons as suicide bombers in order to force a car to crash. She can receive telepathic sensory input from animals, allowing her to see through their eyes.

History: Once a career woman, when Bagabond's Ace turned, she was nearly driven mad by suddenly received sensory input from thousands of animals. She became homeless, with little time for humans and living rough on the streets of New York City, until she befriended Sewer Jack and District Attorney Rosemary Muldoon. With Rosemary's encouragement she gradually lost some of her anti-social demeanour, eventually moving to South America, where she made a new life in the Guatamalan jungle.

Comments: Created by Leanne C Harper.


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