Real Name: Trace O'Donnell

Identity/Class: Human cyborg


Affiliations: Strykeforce


Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Codename: Strikeforce (Image)

Powers/Abilities: Bloodbow was armed with concussive arrows, stun arrows and plasma flash arrows. His cybernetics enhanced his bowmanship, making him deadly accurate well past a mile.

History: Bloodbow was the only member of Strykeforce who was originally a normal human, before he was cybernetically enhanced. Why he required cybernetic surgery is unknown, as is what he did prior to working with Strykeforce, although there is some suggestion that he might have worked with Wetworks. He was a deadly archer with a range of special arrows, and a valued member of the team prior to his death and replacement by a shapeshifting alien named Sh'rrnnn.



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