Black Eagle

Real Name: Earl Sanderson Jr.

Identity/Class: Mutated human (Ace)

Occupation: Pilot, government operative

Affiliations: The Four Aces, the Lonely Eagles (332nd Fighter Group, US Airforce)

Enemies: Senator Joe McCarthy

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: "Witness", Wild Cards (1987)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly, plus a telekinetic battering ram which granted him some level of protection from impact while flying.

History: Earl Sanderson was a pilot in the only black U.S. Air Force squadron, the 332nd Fighter Group (the "Lonely Eagles"), during World War II, distinguishing himself as a war hero. After the war he was infected with the Wild Card virus and gained the powers of flight and a telekinetic shield (or battering ram) while airborne. He was inducted into the government's Four Aces team, working on such high profile missions as the overthrow of the Peron regime in Argentina. However when the anti-Communist scare began in America, his youthful political leanings were brought up (he had been a Communist), and rather than face prison in a country he loved but which he felt had betrayed him, he fled, eventually settling in Paris, where he stayed until his eventual death. More details to follow.

Comments: Created by Walter Jon Williams.


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