Real Name: Jackson King

Identity/Class: Human mutant


Affiliations: Monarchy, formerly StormWatch


Known Relatives: Isaiah King (father)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Stormwatch

Powers/Abilities: Battalion is a telekinetic, able to move objects with his mind. Unaided he can lift and move small things, about a pound or less; amplified by his Stormwatch-designed costume, he can move a lot more than that. Battalion also has guns that amp his telekinesis to an extreme, but uncontrollable degree, and are thus only useful to blow stuff up.

History: Jackson King was one of the first recruits for Stormwatch, a UN-funded superhero team who operated out of Skywatch, an orbiting satellite, beaming down to different locations on Earth to combat super-powered terrorists. He served with distinction for a long time, before his superior, "Weatherman" Henry Bendix, transferred him from active duty to the job of team trainer. This sidelining angered King, and led to a number of arguments with Bendix, who argued that King's romance with Christine Trelane, the team's deputy leader, would compromise his ability to carry out field missions, since he would not be able to treat her as expendable if the mission required this. After Bendix went insane and disappeared, King was promoted to the post of Weatherman. His tenure was abruptly ended when Aliens invaded the satellite, killing several members of Stormwatch, and forcing the survivors to send Skywatch into the Sun to prevent Earth being contaminated. The UN, certain members (notably the U.S.A.) of which were unhappy with the organisation anyway because they operated within their boundaries outwith that specific country's control, suspended their funding. With no way to replace their lost base, they disbanded. Several members of the team would go on to form the new team, the Authority (a group which would annoy the U.S. even more). King and Trelane meanwhile, put together their own group, the Monarchy.



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