Black Mask

Real Name: Michael

Identity/Class: Mutated human

Occupation: former secret agent; now librarian

Affiliations: former government agent; former member of Squad 701; friend of police officer Rock

Enemies: Kai Lin and the other survivors of Squad 701

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Simon

Base of Operations: Hong Kong

First Appearance: Honk Kong comic book, name unknown to me

Powers/Abilities: Skilled martial artist.

History: Michael was once a guinea pig for a government project trying to create supersoldiers. After the project was cancelled he and the other subjects who make up Squad 701 were forced to escape before they were killed. He created a new life for himself as a librarian named Simon, and tried to live as quiet a life as possible, becoming good friends with a local cop. Then a series of gangland murders led him to believe his fellow super-soldiers had turned to crime. Knowing the police couldn't catch the enhanced killing machines that were his former colleagues, he donned a disguise and became Black Mask, a hero dedicated to stopping them.

Comments: Created by Pang Chi-ming and Li Chi-tat. The comic version (1992) followed the adventures of a martial arts master who lived an ordinary life by day but at night puts on a leather mask to help the poor and helpless. Thanks to Terry Hooper for both this information and the comics image used above.

Played by Jet Li in the movie adaption Hak hap (1996)

Thanks to Ron Byrd for first informing me of this character.

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