Real Name: Susan Kent





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Nickel Comics #1 (Fawcett, 1940); America's Greatest Comics 1-8; Bulletman 1-16 (no #13); Bulletman Dime Action Book; Gift Comics 1-4; Holiday Comics 1; Master Comics 7-106; Mighty Midget Comics: Bulletman (11 and 12); Whiz Comics 106; X-Mas Comics 1-2

Powers/Abilities: Her Gravity Regulator Helmet allowed her to fly and deflect bullets.

History: Susan Kent was the daughter of a police sergeant and the girlfriend of Jim Barr, a.k.a. Bulletman. Stumbling across his other identity, she decides to help him fight crime. Given a gravity helmet like his, she becomes his partner Bulletgirl.

Comments: Image used on this page of the two heroes together courtesy of Steve Rogers' Golden Years Comic Book Library. Other images of Bulletgirl from Brad Newman's Comic Book Cover Quest, likewise used with permission.


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