Black Owl

Real Name:

First Appearance: DNAgents





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: Black Owl is the youthful leader of Project Youngblood. Like the rest of his team he sacrificed his life to shut down a runaway nuclear reactor. Fuller profile to follow.


Comments: Black Owl was created as a counterpart to DC's Teen Titan character Nightwing, as part of a secret cross-over between The Teen Titans and DNAgents. The same month that the issue of DNAgents came out which featured Project Youngblood, an issue of Teen Titans had that group encounter the genetically engineered heroes The Re-Combatants, who each had counterparts amongst the DNAgents. The two storylines mirrored one another, except at the climax, when the group which perished was swapped around (i.e. the guest stars were the ones who heroically sacrificed themselves in each case).


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