Chacha-Bhatija (Uncle-Nephew)

Real Names: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal humans, but assisted by a "jinie"

Occupation: Amatuer crimefighters.

Affiliations: Each other, their Jinie

Enemies: Crooks and criminals

Known Relatives: One another (respectively nephew and uncle to one another)

Aliases: Chacha (Uncle) and Bhatija (Nephew), respectively

Base of Operations: Village in India

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: None. However Chacha has a magic lamp which can produce a Jinie when rubbed. The Jinie has a variety of magical powers.

History: Chacha-Bhatija is a team of two courageous villagers. Uncle, the Chacha is a middle aged sensible man and his nephew, the Bhatija is a lad in his teens. These two fearless people are always ready to help others. Chacha has a magic lamp, ‘The Chirag’. When in difficulty, he rubs it and a ‘Jinie’ with supernatural power appears and helps them to solve the problem.

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