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History: Bloat was a Joker, a human afflicted with the mutating Wild Card virus who suffered disfiguring alterations to his body. In Bloat's case his lower torso became incredibly large and rotund, making it difficult for him to move. He also gained extremely powerful psychic powers, which, combined with his vision of a homeland for Jokers, led to him becoming a leader in their community. He led a large band of the persecuted minority to Ellis Island, just of Manhattan, took over the abandoned immigration facilities there, and declared a Joker Nation. Unsurprisingly the U.S. objected strongly to this, and tried to reclaim the island by force. However the army met stiff resistance and found it all but impossible to take the new nation: Bloat had gathered enough followers with powers, as well as allying himself with the Jumpers, humans able to steal the bodies of others, and these in conjunction with his own abilities, made Ellis Island all but impregnable.

So the government gathered together a large number of the superpowered Aces, people to whom the virus had given incredible powers, and tried again to retake the island. Once more they were repulsed. One fatal mistake was made by the defenders however; one of the Aces killed in the attack was the lover of Thomas Tudbury, a.k.a. the Great and Powerful Turtle. Probably the most powerful telekinetic on the planet, he flew to the far end of New York Harbor, formed the image of a huge wall in his mind, and charged. By the time he passed over Ellis Island he was pushing an immense tidal wave before him. The entire island was submerged beneath the waters.

But this was not the end. Just before the attack struck, Bloat extended his powers to their greatest level, and somehow created an artificial reality separate from ours. Before the raging torrent could kill everyone on the island, Bloat transported them to safety in this new world. Fuller profile to follow.




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