Brian Li Sung

Real Name: Brian Li Sung

Identity/Class: Normal human (? - may be human possessed by demon)

Occupation: Stage manager

Affiliations: Christine Spar

Enemies: Police Captain Wiggins

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: San Francisco

First Appearance: Grendel (Comico)

Powers/Abilities: None, although he may have been possessed by the Grendel spirit.

History: Brian Li Sung was the stage manager of  the San Francisco venue used by Tujiro XIV's Kabuki troupe. He met Christine Spar when she was investigating the troupe's involvement with the disappearance of her son, and the two fell in love. When she discovered that the slave ring using the troupe as a cover planned to kidnap Brian too, she told him the truth behind those she faced, just before they came for him. Witness to the battle that followed, Brian was taken in by the police for questioning regarding Grendel's rampage. After he was released, he followed Spar to New York, but in turn was followed by one of the police officers who had questioned him. The cop attacked Brian in a frustrated rage, which beating proved to be the catalyst for Spar to put back on the mask again. In the end she faced the wolf Argent who had killed the original Grendel, Hunter Rose, and the two died fighting each other. The date was 30 September 2026.

In the wake of Spar's death, Brian Li Sung inherited some journals - those of Hunter Rose and Stacy Palumbo, which Spar had used for research, and Spar's own journals narrating both her love for him and her consumption by the spirit of Grendel. Believing he could not smuggle these past the police and out of New York, Brian Li Sung took an off-Broadway job and lived in poverty, living to engage vicariously in the journals he'd been left. Adjusting to the harshness of New York as well, he began drinking heavily and journaling himself. Believing that he had seen Spar's ghost in the theatre he managed, he created a Grendel mask to help conjure her again. When a security guard interrupted, Brian Li Sung viciously beat him. Later, assailed in Central Park, he killed his assailant. Brian Li Sung then began to feel that he had been literally possessed by the spirit of Grendel. He began to hunt Captain Wiggins, the policeman with the metallic eye who had been Argent's assistant. In Central Park, Brian Li Sung resisted his madness and was shot dead by Wiggins. The date was 13 February 2027.



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