Real Name: Brassneck (modified to B-R455/N3(K) in the digital Dandy)

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: School boy

Affiliations: Charley Brand (best friend), Sam (Charley's uncle, creator)

Enemies: Swotty, Professor Dooyerwurst, Bull-Neck, Egor

Known Relatives: Professor Dooyerwurst (creator), Bull-Neck (fellow creation, "brother"); Charley's uncle Sam (creator); Charley's Great Uncle Professor Puffin (creator); see comments

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Dandy (D.C.Thomson, 1964)

Powers/Abilities: Brassneck has telescopic limbs. The digital comics' version can transform shape at the flick of a switch on the back of his head.

History: (version 1) Brassneck was created by Charley Brand's Uncle Sam, a scientist, in order to give Charley a playmate.

(version 2) Brassneck was created by the evil Professor Dooyerwurst, but was freed from his villainous master by Charley Brand, who became his best friend. Dooyerwurst built a new robot, Bull-Neck, to try and recover Brassneck, but was never successful.

Brassneck and Charley are menaced by Bull-Neck, Dooyerwurst and Egor, his thugish minion.

(version 3) Brassneck was created by Professor Puffin to be the ultimate fighting machine but something went wrong with his wiring, making him default to fun rather than fighting. Stored in Puffin's attack, Brassneck was left to the professor's great nephew upon his creator's demise, and became Charley's friend and playmate.

Comments: Created by Bill Holroyd.

Brassneck originally had a very simple origin of being created specifically to be Charley Brand's playmate. However, in the 1980s a new origin was introduced, revealing him to be the creation of the evil scientist Dooyerwurst.

New, digital BrassneckIn the digital version of the Dandy published online after the print version's demise, Brassneck's origin was again modified, this time making him the creation of Professor Puffin, Charley Brand's great uncle.


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