Real Name: Blaise Jeannot Andrieux

Identity/Class: Human / extra-terrestrial hybrid (one-quarter Takisian on his maternal grandfather's side)



Enemies: Dr.Tachyon

Known Relatives: Dr.Tachyon (grandfather); Gisele Bacourt (mother); Illyana (daughter)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Wild Cards

Powers/Abilities: Among other unspecified powers, Blaise is able to read other's minds, and to possess people, up to 9 at one time - basically the same. After sexual intercourse with the Ace known as Prime (a.k.a. St. John "Loophole" Latham), he gained the ability to "jump" into others' bodies, switching minds with his victims. He used this to strand his grandfather in the body of a young girl.

History: Blaise is the grandchild of Doctor Tachyon. A twisted piece of work, he became a jumper, and subsequently used this power to strand his grandfather in the body of a teenage girl, whom he then repeatedly raped. Having left his grandfather trapped in this state, he used Doctor Tachyon's body (inhabited by the mind of the girl) to steal Baby, his grandfather's ship, and subsequently travelled to Takis, Dr.Tachyon's homeworld. His grandfather pursued, accompanied by Jay Ackroyd and Captain Trips.

Sometime later, Blaise's body was killed, shot in the head by Tachyon's brother. However, just before death, Blaise managed to 'jump' into his great-uncle's body. In order to destroy Blaise once and for all, Tachyon's turned in his brother to the Network (as payment for his contract agreement to gain transport back to his home planet). Blaise, unaware of the deal, broke his own contract with the Network, and as a result had his brain removed from his skull and implanted in a cybernetic computer used to operate machinery in some remote mining location. Lacking eyes in this new form, Blaise could not jump free, and would be trapped forever.

Comments: Created by Melinda Snodgrass.

Thanks to George Abdilnour for additional information about Blaise's powers.


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