Bojeffries Family

Family Members: Jobremus Bojeffries (patriarch), Ginda (daughter of the family), Reth (son of the family), Festus Zludotny (uncle, a vegetarian vampire), Raoul Zludotny (uncle, a werewolf), Podlasp (grandfather, a blob), unidentified baby (giant creature in the basement)

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Trevor Inchmale (officious Council rent collector)

Base of Operations: Council House, Northampton, UK

First Appearance: Bojeffries Saga: "The Rentman Cometh", Warrior #12 (Quality Communications Ltd, August 1983)

History: The Bojeffries are a family of eccentric monsters trying to live a quiet life on a council estate. Unfortunately for them, quirks such as not having paid the rent since Queen Victoria was on the throne combined with the "Little Britain" attitude of the people they tend to encounter (who suspect them of being foreigners - "Polish people, I think. Or Irishmen."), means that their lives aren't as undisturbed as the Bojeffries would like.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse.

Initially appearing in Warrior Magazine, another installment of the "soap opera of the paranormal" subsequently appeared in Flesh and Bones before all the Warrior installments were reprinted in colour in Dalgoda. Five new stories then appeared in Atomeka's A1 Anthology (and Swimsuit Special), before the entire series plus some new ones were reprinted in a single volume, Tundra's "The Complete Bojeffries Saga". Two new stories were due to be published in 2005 in A1's Bojeffries Terror Tome #1, but sadly that seems never to have been released. However Top Shelf have released a new collection, including all the previous stories plus a new one (thanks to Pádraig Ó Méalóid for informing me of this).

No, they aren't in any stretch of the imagination heroes, super or otherwise, although they do have powers of a sort. However, it's my site, so I can bend the rules when I want, and the Bojeffries Saga is one of the hidden gems of British comics, so I'm giving them an entry.


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