Haayal, Israeli hero

Hack, partner of Slash

Hack, Cassie, hunter of Slashers

Hacker, enemy of the Centurions

Hadar, Israeli hero

Hak, member of the Valiants

HaKoakh HaMaggen

Halcon, Lord of Crater Land

Halcon Blanco, Mexican hero

Haldane, Ranulph, member of the Mys-Tech Board

Halloween Girl, one of the Nocturnals

Halloween Man, undead monster hunter

Halo Jones

Ham, ally of Doc Savage

Ham the Weather Wizard, Welsh druid


Hammerstein, leader of the ABC Warriors

The Hand

Hand of Glory

Handgun, Astro City criminal

Handy Andy

The Hanged Man, mystical Astro City hero

Hangman, Golden Age Archie hero

Hangman, Impact Comics


Happy Shrapnel, ABC Warrior




Hardcase, Strikeforce: Morituri

H.A.R.D. Corps

Hardliner, retired supervillain

Hard-Luck Harrigan

Hardware, Milestone armoured hero

Hark, Anna, ally of Planetary

Harker, Joe, last of the Harker family

Harker, Sir Stanley, ghost

The Harlequin

Harlem Hammer, Wild Card Ace

Harley, partner of Kord


Harrigan, Hard-Luck

Harris, Mark, the Man from Atlantis

Harry, assassin in Southern Knights

Harry Crane, member of Q

Harry Potter, teenage wizard

Harstein, David, the Envoy, a Wild Card Ace

Hart, Rex, Golden Age western hero

Hatzalaf, Israeli super-soldier


The Haunted, teenagers cursed with supernatural abilities

Haunting, ghostly superheroine

Hauntress, ghostly supervillainess

Hawgman, online superhero

Hawke, Maxwell

Hawley Griffin, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Invisible Man

Hayes, Billy, Misfits of Science

Hay Lin, teenage witch

Hazard, Nick, invulnerable adventurer

Headbanger, Toxic Crusader

Headless Horseman

The Headmaster of Crime, Astro City villain

The Heap, Golden Age swamp monster

Heartbreak, member of the Liberty Project


Heatwave, member of Cyberforce

Heavy Metalman, SLOSH

Hedorah, Japanese monster

Helen Morgan, member of Q

Hellboy, supernatural adventurer


Hell's Angel, mystical British heroine

Hellstrike, member of StormWatch

Helm, ally of the Rogue Trooper

Helm, Australian superhero

Helspont, enemy of the WildCATS

He-Man, Prince Adam of Eternia

Henry Jekyll, League of Extrordinary Gentlemen


Herbie, a.k.a. The Fat Fury

Herbintang, Indonesian hero

Hercules, Quality Comics' Golden Age hero

Hercules, Archie Comics' Golden Age hero

Hercules, member of the Space Sentinels and Freedom Force


Hermano, Fear City's King of the Vampires

Los Hermanos

Los Hermanos Numeros, Luchadores who fought Aztec demons and El Diablo Robotico

Hermelinda Linda

Hermione Granger, teenage witch

Heros the Spartan, Roman-era adventurer

Herne, Wild Cards

Hero, Filipino hero

Hero by Night

Hero High, school for superheroes

Heroic Trio, Hong Kong heroines

Heros, Brazilian hero

Hero Zero, teenager able to transform into monster fighting giant robot

Hershey, Judge, ally of Dredd

Heterodyne, Agatha, Girl Genius

Hex, Clan Destine

Hexadecimal, viral foe of the defenders of Mainframe

Heyman, Chris, Free Marine and ally of Grimjack

Hibridos del Mar

High Five

Highlander, the first, Connor MacLeod

Highlander, the second, Duncan MacLeod

Highlander, the third, Quentin MacLeod

Highwayman, Captain Britain foe

Hill, member of Team Metallix

Hinkley, Ralph, Greatest American Hero

Hip Knox, Golden Age hypnotic hero

Hiram Worchester, a.k.a. Fatman, Ace hero

Hiroshima, Japanese ally of the Elementals

Hiroshiman, French parody hero

His Sporting Lordship

Hitaki, member of the A.B.C. Warriors

Hobb the Grith

Hobson, Gary, gets his news a day early

Hodag, enemy of Badger

Hogan, Randy, receptionist for the Discotronic Funk Commandos

Hokus Pokus, Filipino hero


Hollander, Mark, ally of Ace Lightning

The Hollow Man, invisible psychotic

Holmes, Sherlock, the greatest detective in the world

Holocaust, former member of the Blood Syndicate

Holocaust, enemy of the Elementals, servant of Lord Oblivion


el Hombre

el Hombre Aguila

el Hombre de Negro, Mexico

Hombre de Negro, Spain

el Hombre Invisible, Mexican character

el Hombre Mosca


Homeland, member of the Freedom Collective

Homem Bomba, Brazilian hero

Homem de Preto, Brazilian hero

Homem Grilo, Brazilian hero

Homem Seta, Brazilian hero

Homem Tartaruga, Brazilian hero

Homicron, alien possessing astronaut's corpse

Homicron, new host for the alien

Hong Kong Phooey, Kung-Fu dog

Hood, Golden Age hero

Hooded Horseman, ACG Western hero

Hooded Justice

Hooded Protectors, school boy conspiracy

Hooded Rider

Hooded Unknown

Hooded Wasp, Street and Smith hero

Hope, Wülf Girlz

Hopkirk, Marty


Horus, 1963

Hotness, No Heroics



Hotstreak, enemy of Static

Hot-2-Trot, Soulsearchers and Company

Hover, Hero Alliance

Hover, Alpha Corps

Howler, Drak Pack werewolf

Howler, Wild Cards Ace


Hsui Tai, TP 

Hsu Lin Lin, ally of Narutaki

Hudson, Gargoyle

Human Bomb, Quality Comics hero

Human Bullet

Human Flying Saucer

Human Meteor, Harvey Comics

Human Meteor, Centaur Comics

Human Robot, Golden Age character

Human Sub, Big Bang hero

Human Top, Golden Age Marvel hero

Human Torch, Golden Age Marvel hero


The Hummingbird, member of the Honor Guard

Hummingbird, Big Bang

Hunchback, Fawcett hero

Hunk Worley, member of Danger Unlimited

Hunter, Neverwhere

Hunter, hired killer working for Dr. Fear

Hunter, M.A.S.K.

Hunter, Demian

Hunter, Kaitlin, ally of Jack Shepherd

Hunter, Karas

Hunter Rose, Grendel

Hunter, Tim, boy wizard

Huntress, Atlas Comics villain

Huntsman, member of the League of Champions

Huracan Ramirez, Luchador

Hurricane, foe of Captain Britain

Hurricane, Golden Age character

Hybrid Man


Hyde, alter ego of Jekyll

Hyde, alter ego of Tom Jackman

Hyde, Edward, League of Extrordinary Gentlemen

Hydroman, Golden Age hero

Hydromatic, member of the Faze 1 Fazers

Hyper, Golden Age hero

Hyperdog, Top Ten cop

Hyperkind, Clive Barker's Razorline heroes

Hypernaut, 1963

Hyper X, French hero


Ian, Were-Cat, Bats, Cats and Cadillacs

Ian McVicar, Esper

Iberia Inc., Spanish superteam

Ibéroes, another Spanish superteam

Ibis the Invincible


Ice Age

The Iceman, Misfits of Science

Icestar, League of Champions

Icicle, League of Champions

Icon, Milestone's "Superman"

Idéfix, Obelix' dog

Iggy, friend of Ambrose

Igor Motor, Finnish secret agent

Illyria, ally of Angel

Imagination, ally of Fish Lecan

Imhotep, ancient Egyptian mummy

The Immortal, undying demon killer



The Impossibles



The Incredible Bulk

Indestructible Man, Egyptian hero

Indiana Jones, adventuring archaeologist


Infama, foe of Sinnamon

Infantry, one man army

Inferno, Archie Golden Age character

Inferno, British supervillain

Inframan, Hong Kong hero

Ingrid Weiss, Nazi foe of Tom Strong

Inky-Top Imps

Inspector Gadget, cyborg cop

Inspector Steel, Indian cyborg cop

Instant Karmanan, SLOSH

los Invencibles


Invisible Avenger, Golden Age hero

The Invisible Boy, Eagle

Invisible Boy, Mysterymen

Invisible Commando

Invisible Dick

Invisible Dick, new version

Invisible Girl, Hong Kong

Invisible Hood

Invisible Man, HG Wells'

The Invisible Man, League of Extrordinary Gentlemen

Invisible Man (Brady), 1950s British television version

Invisible Man, Daniel Westin

Invisible Man, Television, c. 2000

The Invisibles

Invisible Scarlet O'Neil

Invisible Terror

Iota, member of the Shadow Cabinet

Iris, U.K. character

Iris, Japanese giant monster

Irma, teenage witch

Irma Geddon

Iron Ace

Iron Butterfly

Iron Cross

Iron Dog

Iron Falcon

Iron Fish, Beano

Iron Fish, Buddy

Iron Ghost, Street and Smith hero

Iron Hand, cybernetic British agent


Iron Jaw, post-apocalypse Barbarian

Iron Lady

Iron Maiden

Iron Man, wartime Canadian hero

Iron Man, British robot

Iron Man, Australian hero

Ironmaster, teenager able to control metal

Iron Monkey, Hong Kong Robin Hood

Iron Skull

Iron Teacher, robot from the Hotspur

Iron Vic

Iron Warrior, Golden Age British robot

Irving the Living Cactus

Isabelle, French youth

Isaiah 6:2, member of the Rapture


Itabira, 16th century Brazilian hero


It Girl, member of the Atomics

Ivana Baiul

Ivanhoe, from the Walter Scott novel

Ivanhoe, of the Freedom Machine

Ivan le Visionnaire