Kaitlin Hunter

Real Name: Kaitlin Hunter

Identity/Class: Normal human, technology user

Occupation: counterintelligence agent for Section 'D' of the British Secret Intelligence Service before WWII, transferred to the Special Operations Unit in 1940.

Affiliations: Jack Shepherd (U.S. G.I. Branch agent), Albert Einstein (chief technologist for the G.I. Branch), William "Wild Bill" Donovan (head of G.I. Branch)

Enemies: Arkady Zola (head of the secret Nazi Base 211 in the Antarctic), Krieger (Nazi assassin), Nazi Rocketroopers, various Nazi agents

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents (living in Berkshire, England)

Aliases: none known

Base of Operations: various, usually the SIS Headquarters in London, England

First Appearance: "G.I. SPY" #1 (BOOM! Studios, July 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Speaks English, French, German, and Italian fluently, is competent in half a dozen other languages. Superbly trained fighter, also trained in the use of her .455 Webley & Scott pistol and Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife, as well as her baton club.

History: Kaitlin Hunter was one of the SIS' top operatives before and during WWII. After several years of service conducting numerous undercover counterintelligence missions for the SIS, she was assigned to 'nursemaid' neophyte American agent Jack Shepherd, whom she aided in discovering a shadowy Nazi "wonderweapons" program secreted away at an underground base in the Antarctic. Having discovered the Nazi uranium mine in the Belgian Congo on her own, Hunter was annoyed to have to partner up with a seemingly arrogant and inexperienced American, but she found later during their partnership that Jack was able to sometimes accomplish the impossible, and his charm made it difficult to dislike him entirely. Most of Kaitlin's missions are "top secret" to this day, as she is considered to have fought "the war behind the war". It is not known if she survived to the present day.

Comments: Created by A.Cosby and Matt Haley. Thanks to Matt for informing me of the character and providing information and images. To learn more, visit http://www.gispyonline.com

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