Membership: Flamingo (Charlene Dupre), Sting (Peter Stanchek), Torque (John Torkelson), Zephyr (Faith "Zeppelin" Herbert), Kris Hathaway

Purpose: To oppose the Harbinger Foundation


Enemies: Toyo Harada

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Harbinger #1 (Valiant, January 1992)

History: A new breed walks among us--harbingers of the next step in human evolution. Harbingers are the "mutants" of the Valiant universe.

Toyo Harada, a powerful psionic  and Harbinger, establishes the Harbinger Foundation to recruit others with similar abilities to carry out his agenda of world domination. One of the Harbingers the Foundation recruits is Pete Stanchek, the only other existing "Omega Harbinger", whose full-range psionic power rivals Harada's. Realizing Harada's schemes, Pete flees the Foundation with his girlfriend, Kris. They are joined by Zepplin, Flamingo, and Torque, all of them renegade Harbingers. Together, they use their different psionic abilities to wage war against Harada's forces.

But Torque is killed by Harada's elite Harbingers, the "Eggbreakers". Months later, during the Unity conflict, Kris gives birth to Torque's child. That infant, by the will of the Geomancers, is sent to the future to become Magnus, Robot Fighter--champion of the forty-first century. Back from Unity, they recruit Shatiqua, whose superhuman reflexes and tough attitude help when they battle the H.A.R.D. Corps. Later, they team up with Screen, a renegade Harbinger capable of projecting force fields. Having opposed Harada even longer than Pete, Screen brings the experience of a veteran to the group. But Peter Stanchek knows that time is running out, for he must soon face Harada in a deadly showdown that will determine the fate of the world.



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