Real Name: Ted White

First Appearance: Futura #1





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: Homicron is an alien from planet Alpha, whose inhabitants have the power to turn into energy beings to explore the cosmos. To save an American escape capsule, Homicron becomes trapped on Earth. He merges with the body of astronaut Ted White, who otherwise would have died from a heart attack. Using an energy transformer designed by girl-friend Rita Tower, Ted White turns into Homicron to fight evil. He is assisted by Latino teenager Domingo.


Comments: Homicron was published in "Futura" Nos. 1-8 (1972-73). The story was left uncompleted with the evil alien invaders Kyros still on Earth, until it was eventually picked up in Fantask.

We learn what happened between Homicron and the Kyrosians. The story also features other heroes from the SEMIC universe in various supporting roles, such as world renowned ecologist Frank Universal (and his girl-friend Sally), the powerful intelligence organization CLASH, secret agent Rick Ross, a.k.a. Baroud, etc

Later the powers were passed to a new Homicron.


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