Hooded Horseman

Real Name: Bud Fraser

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Cowboy

Affiliations: Flash (his dog)

Enemies: Slim Corrigan

Known Relatives: Sheriff Fraser (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across the West, formerly Mesa City

First Appearance: Blazing West #14 (ACG, December, 1950)

Powers/Abilities: Expert horserider, capable hand-to-hand brawler and crack shot with pistols.

History: Bud Fraser enjoyed rodeo riding, but had never carried pistols, despite his sheriff father teaching him how to use them. However, when bank robber Slim Corrigan murdered the sheriff, the dying man bequeathed his guns to Bud and asked him to bring Corrigan to justice. Bud spent a couple of years roaming the ranges with his trusty dog Flash while looking for Corrigan. He finally heard of a Corrigan running a ranch in a distant town, and, with a "hanker tuh make Corrigan writhe!" Bud elected to disguise himself as a fugitive from justice, the Hooded Horseman, complete with trademark mini-nooses, figuring that would be the "kid of galoot" Corrigan would be interested in, and allow him to infiltrate Corrigan's outfit and learn what the villain was really up to. However, Corrigan had been kicked in the face by a killer stallion some time back, and though he had survived, the injury had changed his appearance so signicantly that Bud failed to recognise him; believing he had the wrong man and needing to find a few weeks work, Bud admitted who he really was. Seeking to eliminate Bud, Corrigan asked him to break the killer stallion, then slipped him a drugged drink just before he mounted the rampaging horse. Disorientated, Bud was thrown by the bucking bronco, and overheard a gloating Corrigan admit himself to be the slayer of Bud's father. Flash intervened to prevent the bronco killed Bud, and aided the recovering Bud in capturing Corrigan and his men. Having finally captured his father's murderer, Bud swore that the Hooded Horseman would continue to bring criminals to justice.

Comments: Created by Ogden Whitney.

After the Hooded Horseman appeared in Blazing West #14 through #20, the comic was renamed to make the masked cowboy the title character; The Hooded Horseman then ran from #21 to #27. A couple of years later ACG retitled its ailing horror comic Out of the Night, relaunching the Hooded Horseman title from #18 through #22, when the Western hero was again cancelled.

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