Dr.Daniel Westin

Real Name: Daniel Westin

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Scientist; special agent

Affiliations: Walter Carlson (boss), Kate Westin, Klae Corporation

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Dr. Kate Westin (wife)

Aliases: Klae Resourse (codename), The Invisible Man

Base of Operations: Klae Corporation

First Appearance: The Invisible Man (NBC series pilot, 6th May 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Permanently invisible - must wear a life-like mask to pass for normal.

History: Doctor Daniel Westin worked as a scientist for the KLAE corporation, a government thinktank, until the day when a lab accident turned him invisible. Westin, working on a cure, was horrified to discover his bosses were planning on finding military applications for the process, and so he destroyed his lab and all notes connected to the invisibility accident.

After being a fugitive for a brief period, Westin struck up a deal with the government. He went to work for them (and a cowed KLAE corporation), using his powers for them on selected secret missions which he felt were not too morally dubious, in return for using their facilities to try and find a cure. In the meantime plastic surgeon Nicholas Maggio helped him disguise his condition beneath a lifelike "Derma-plex" mask and gloves which both looked and felt like real skin, enhanced by contact lenses, a wig, and caps for his teeth.

Comments: Created by Harve Bennett and Steven Bochco. Played by David McCallum. The show consisted of one pilot and twelve episodes:

  1. The Invisible Man (Pilot)

  2. The Klae Resource

  3. The Fine Art of Diplomacy

  4. Man of Influence

  5. Eyes Only

  6. Barnard Wants Out

  7. Go Directly to Jail

  8. Stop When the Red Lights Flash

  9. Pin Money

  10. The Klae Dynasty

  11. Sight Unseen

  12. Power Play

  13. An Attempt to Save Face

A novelisation of the original pilot was written by Michael Jahn and released in 1975.

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