Ibis the Invincible

Real Name: Prince Amentep

Identity/Class: Human magic user




Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

Ibis and TaiaFirst Appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (Fawcett, 1940); All-Hero Comics 1; Danger and Adventure 22 (Charlton); Gift Comics 1-4; Holiday Comics 1; Ibis the Invincible 1-6; Mighty Midget Comics: Ibis the Invincible (11); Wheaties Giveaway; X-Mas Comics 1-7

Powers/Abilities: Ibis is a magician. His powers are greatly boosted by his Ibistick, which allows him to accomplish virtually anything he can imagine.

History: Some four thousand years ago, during the 12th Dynasty of Egypt, there lived a Prince Amentep, a magician of no mean note, also known as Ibis, in honour of the sacred bird. He was kidnapped by the evil Black Pharoah, a magician whose magical powers outstripped his own, but escaped when a relative managed to smuggle to him the Ibistick, a magical device that the user could manipulate reality with. Confronting his enemy, Ibis managed to kill the villain, but not before his own fiance, Princess Taia of Thebes, was critically wounded by an arrow. In order to prevent her death, a spell was used to put her into a deep sleep which would last for forty centuries. Unwilling to live without her, Ibis likewise is placed in a similar trance.

He awakens in 1940, a mummy in a museum in America. Travelling to Europe, he tracks down Taia and awakens her. Seeing the evil running rampant in the modern world, he vows to fight crime and evil.

Comments: Ibis first debuted in the same comic that introduced the world to Captain Marvel.

Like many Fawcett heroes, Ibis transferred to DC in the 1980's. The topmost image of Ibis is courtesy of Brad Newman's Comic Book Cover Quest site, and used with permission. The other image used is from Steve Rogers' Golden Years Comic Book Library, likewise used with permission.


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