Invisible Man (Peter Brady)

Real Name: Peter Brady

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Scientist, government agent

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Diane (sister), Sally (niece), unidentified brother-in-law (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: H.G. Well's Invisible Man "Secret Experiment" (ITC, 13th June 1959)

Powers/Abilities: Brady's body was permanently invisible (as were the clothes he had been wearing at the time of his accident).

History: Dr Peter Brady was a scientist working on a government funded project experimenting with optical density and refraction, until a radiation leak during one test rendered him and his clothes permanently invisible. He was recruited by the U.K. government to work as a secret agent, defending British interests around the globe.

Comments: His body was played by Johnny Scripps, and his voice provided by Tim Turner.

It lasted two seasons totalling 26 episodes and the unaired pilot (which shared a title and plot similarities with the aired first episode):

  1. Secret Experiment

  2. Crisis in the Desert

  3. Behind the Mask

  4. The Locked Room

  5. Picnic With Death

  6. Play To Kill

  7. Shadow on the Screen

  8. The Mink Coat

  9. Blind Justice

  10. Jailbreak

  11. Bank Raid

  12. Odds Against Death

  13. Strange Partners

  14. Point of Destruction

  15. Death Call

  16. The Vanishing Evidence

  17. The Prize

  18. Flight Into Darkness

  19. The Decoy

  20. The Gun Runners

  21. The White Rabbit

  22. Man in Disguise

  23. Man in Power

  24. The Rocket

  25. Shadow Bomb

  26. The Big Plot

In League of Extraordinary Gentleman: The Black Dossier, it is revealed that Brady was a member of the 1950s League which had been created to deliberately mimic the 1890s League's membership.

Thanks to Stephen Tuck for informing me of this character.

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