Membership: King Mob, Lord Fanny, Boy, Ragged Robin, Jack Frost, Jolly Roger, John-a-Dreams, Mr. Six, Jim Crow

Purpose: To free mankind from oppression.

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Archons, Ms.Dwyer, Mr.Quimper, the Outer Church

Base of Operations: Active across the Earth

First Appearance: The Invisibles #1 (DC Vertigo, September 1994)

History: For centuries the Invisibles have fought to free humanity from oppression - any oppression. A secret army of subversives, anarchists and individualists, they stand between mankind and groups like the Archons, an extra-dimensional species who secretly control the governments of Earth, manipulating the population using mind-control techniques. If the Archons have their way, their eventual goal is the total subjugation of man; only the Invisibles stand between them and this end.

For safety, the Invisibles is organised into cells, each one isolated and thus protected. The English cell includes King Mob, assassin supreme; Lord Fanny, a gay transvestite witch; Boy, a former New York cop; Ragged Robin, whose past is in the future; and Jack Frost, foul-mouthed psychic teenager.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison.

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