Inspector Gadget

Real Name: Lieutenant John Brown

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: Police detective

Affiliations: worked for Chief Quimby and Colonel Nozzair; works with Penny, Brain and Inspector Prince; allied with Corporal Capeman; commands the Gadgetinis (Didget and Fidget)

Enemies: Dr.Claw; Mad Cat

Known Relatives: Penny (niece), Gadget Boy (nephew)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Inspector Gadget

Powers/Abilities: Equipped with a wide variety of in-built equipment, including, but not limited to: telescopic, superhumanly strong, bionic limbs; helicopter blades in his head; roller skates in his feet.

History: When John Brown slipped on a banana peel and fell down some stairs, he was badly injured, and in order to save his life, surgeons rebuilt him as a superhuman cyborg. Nicknamed Inspector Gadget, he worked for Chief Quimby, trying to stop the evil machinations of Dr. Claw with the assistance of his niece Penny and her dog Brain, both of whom are geniuses; which is lucky for the well-meaning Inspector, who was an incompetant nitwit.

Later he went to work for the World Organization of Mega Powers (WOMP), an Interpol-like police force, promoted to Lieutenant and working for Colonel Nozzair, and alongside the robotic Gadgetinis, mini-versions of himself, and Inspector Prince, who later became his girlfriend.

Comments: The Inspector's voice was provided in the original cartoon version by Don Adams. There was also a series of educational films called "Inspector Gadget's Field Trips" in the mid-90s. Don Adams again supplied the voice. In the cinema he was played by by Matthew Broderick in the first movie and by French Stewart in the sequel. In the Gadgetini episodes and the current CGI movie just released he was voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who had already been associated with the Gadget mythos as the voice of Chief Quimby. LaMarche had also made a live action appearance as Gadget in an episode of the "Super Mario Bros Super Show" in the early 90s.

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