Hero Zero

Real Name: David McRae

Identity/Class: Human transformed by alien technology

Occupation: School student


Enemies: Godzilla, the Mask

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance:

Powers/Abilities: Able to grow and shrink, superhuman strength. Heat vision.

History: David has, embedded in his chest on the top of his breastbone, a gem-like metallic sphere that houses the Zero intelligence. Zero has supernormal perceptions (with a knack for warning David when a giant monster appears), and can turn David into an armored giant called Hero Zero - or shrink him down to the size of a cell. It also provides advice and experience. David can retract the Zero sphere in his chest to protect his secret identity when needed.

The "Zero" entity is in fact the main computer, or at least one of the computers, of the base built by the alien scientist known as the Vortex. When, in 1947, the alien scientist was trapped inside the dimension maelstrom, it was left alone. Under unknown circumstances, it made contact with three peoples: Motorhead (who ended up with the immensely powerful artifact known as the Motor inside him), Mecha (who ended up in the scientist's old combat armor) and a teenager called David McRae. How one of the computer's peripherals ended up embedded in David McRae's chest is unknown.

Known cases involving Hero Zero were the interception of a dragon made of assembled demons above the Nevada desert, and being summoned by the Vortex for a short inspection (and then saving Vortex from three Destroyers by destroying them).

When Vortex decided to abandon his research on Earth and destroy his machines, that meant the destruction of the Zero computers, and Hero Zero attempted to stop him. Vortex was touched by David's devotion to his best friend, and agreed not to destroy the machines - including Zero. He even left him several gems that looked like the one in David's chest before leaving.

David is a reasonably smart and quite courageous teenager, and is about 13 or 14. He's not very experienced, and many weird occurrences will surprise him. Zero is like a taskmaster for him, and he wishes it would tell him more than just what he needs to know. David seems to be quite lonely, given his secret, and consider Zero to be his very best friend.

David McRae's career as Hero Zero took a tragic turn when the giant monster Godzilla attacked San Diego. David was there with his father and a friend, attending a comic book convention. While waiting to meet his father, David took some time out to have fun as Hero Zero, practicing his flying out at sea. Later that day, Godzilla rose out of the sea and attacked the city. David transformed into Hero Zero, and grew to his upper limit of 300 feet, matching heights with the monster. After a brief battle, Hero Zero saw off Godzilla, but not before he recognised the monster's back fin as a "coral reef" he'd flown low over earlier that day. His recklessness had awoken the monster and prompted the attack on Seattle. Worse, his friend was killed in the monster's rampage, prompting David to swear that he would never become Hero Zero again.

Since then Hero Zero has only been seen once, during the time when the Mask popped in from another reality through the Vortex. Among the many other heroes he encountered during his visit was Hero Zero.

Comments: Thanks to Chris "Doc Toc" for details of Hero Zero's battle with Godzilla. Thanks to Ivan Schablotski for mentioning his battle with the Mask.


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