The Hooded Protectors

Membership: various - led by Nipper.

Purpose: To protect their school

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Unknown

Base of Operations: St.Frank's School

First Appearance: Nelson Lee Library (Amalgamated Press, 1931)

History: The Hooded Protectors are juniors at St Frank's School, which has a number of unusual alumni, among them detective Nelson Lee's acrobatic assistant Nipper, and Stanley Waldo, the Wonder Boy. Nipper had previously (in 1925) assumed the costumed identity of the Hooded Unknown (a.k.a. the Phantom Protector), but now, when danger threatened the school, he organised a gang of his classmates to protect the school, their identities hidden by simple hooded costumes.

Comments: The Hooded Protectors are one of the first examples of the British school pupil's secret society. Other later examples include the Silent Three, the Phantom Circle, the Green Feather, the Secret Avengers and the Silent Shadows. Well, if you send your kids to a boarding school, you have to expect they'll end up joining weird secret societies who wear hoods over their heads, don't you?

Thanks to Stephen Montgomery for providing me with information regarding this group.

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